Our trainings


After 10 years of experience in the field, G.D.B.Consulting wishes to transmit its knowledge and know-how through training to SMEs, institutions and schools.

In a world where competitiveness is present at all levels, our expertise represents an effective and efficient tool to master the tricks of the trade, particularly in the fields of marketing, communication, strategy and international.

Faced with the revitalization of the economy, G.D.B.Consulting, through its "Training" division, has confirmed its desire for a greater presence on the market. Its team of experts is more than ever attentive to emerging needs.

We offer multidisciplinary, tailor-made training courses to meet our clients' needs in a precise and pragmatic way. We wish to develop with you a constructive, long-lasting and evolving collaboration".

Update your knowledge, optimize your potential!

Training centre approval number: 22 80 01767 80